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First Responders Cancer Awareness Program "Turns Up the Heat" with Top Cancer Expert Dr. Jesse Stoff. 

New Hyde Park, NY - 6/25/19--The NY Cancer Resource Alliance (NYCRA) presented their First Responders Cancer Awareness & Resource program at one of the largest RMA (Retired Member’s Association/FDNY) meetings this year.  Earmarked by their giveaway button, “Get Checked Now!” has been educational mantra to promote the proactive self‐care message for all 9/11 survivors and career rescue personnel.

Founded in 1946, the RMA has been one of the largest national fraternal organizations dedicated to supporting the access of much needed information to all retired members.  Former firefighter and senior awareness ambassador Sal Banchitta defined NYCRA’s curriculum as a “one-two punch” – the first being about current SCREENING & DIAGNOSTICS solutions, and then bringing out the second part of the cancer battle: a REVIEW OF ALL TREATMENT OPTIONS. “We couldn’t think of a better event to bring out this heavy topic than RMA’s largest meeting of the year, nor a better doctor to deliver it”, stated Mr. Banchitta. “This overview about cancer treatments carry the root message that there’s a lot of smarter and safer choices out there to consider than ‘chemo and radiation’… I think this alone is such a life‐saving angle by opening people’s eyes to getting more insight as to what’s REALLY available to us these days.”

Volunteer program developer Lennard Gettz was second on the mic and started with the latest news headline quotes and mortality rates as far as the continuing rise in new cases that plague all responders. He also included other rare new findings like Male Breast Cancer cases that are (now) beginning to grow in numbers in the firefighter community. “I echoed the many advocates of 9/11 cancer victims who emphasize TIME as the most limited asset and that's what ‘NOW‘ means in our “Get Checked Now!” slogan. Experience shows that there is rarely a warning as to who will get hit next, but when it does happen, your response time to addressing it is crucial.  We can stay above the curve by thinking ‘prevention’ and subscribing to early detection exams.”

The NYCRA speakers' featured guest was top cancer expert and integrative clinical immunologist Dr. Jesse Stoff of Westbury, NY. Dr. Stoff delivered a resounding 'opening pitch' for this awareness 2.0 presentation. “Based off of my experience with my patients, there is no one answer to cancer," starts Dr. Stoff. "That's a very important take‐home message. If your doctor tells you that you’ve got cancer and presents THE treatment program, well that's just not true. There are many different strategies for approaching and dealing with cancer. Yes, we have chemo, radiation & surgery and we’ve had them for decades‐ but other proven options like Immunotherapy have been around for decades too‐ performing in many cases with lightning‐fast response, much less toxicity, and much better overall survival.”

As cancer continues to plague the community of potentially at‐risk rescuers, the visiting health advocates from NYCRA were well‐received by the almost 200 attendees. The focus and attention from the generation of retired rescuers reflects on their concerns for looming health issues as the new cancer cases and recent fatalities that continue to hit the news each week. "In all of our meetings, after the pledge of allegiance, they would read off the list of firefighters passing away and the list is getting longer all the time... we appreciate these speakers who are so dedicated to reminding us to get checked, especially the doctor (Stoff)‐‐ they called him the 'Cancer Encyclopedia'... he was so effective as a speaker with so much information for us. I haven't seen any doctors ever come out to speak to our groups like this ‐ not even with an appointment!" ‐ says retired Chief Bob Checco.

The First Responders Cancer Awareness group continues its schedule of presentations in firehouses and personnel meetings all across the New York area. As the medical expert and head writer for NYCRA’s review on cancer treatments, Dr. Stoff continues his advocacy for first responders in the new Cancer Awareness video podcast program “So you think you know CANCER?” where he delivers his expanded review about the many cancer solutions available worldwide. “In my professional opinion, unless you're working with somebody who is aware of these kinds of breakthroughs and knows how to test for their use, then you're going to be looking at old off‐the‐shelf generic therapies that can have much poorer overall survival... and that's not what you want.” His new cancer awareness video series is scheduled to launch in the Fall of 2019.

NYCRA and the First Responders Cancer Resource are volunteer, self-funded advocacy organizations whose members are dedicated to the sharing of free-access information, educational materials about cancer, videos, group presentations and a catalog of all cancer resources. For more information, visit: Media contact: or call 631-920-5757
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First Responders Cancer Awareness Program "Turns Up the Heat" with Top Cancer Expert Dr. Jesse Stoff.  New Hyde Park, NY ...