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"For the America that seeks REAL WELLNESS... for every patient that is overly medicated with prescription drugs and whose bodies are destroyed by side effects, HOPE comes from smart research, proactive education and awareness!" -  Richard Larsen (author of "Raising Gilda")

Before big pharma and the insurance industry became the political machine that it is today (mandating what is medicine for the people) there were doctors who treated you until you were well. These doctors cared. They knew their patients by name and many even did house calls. They were knowledgeable and they were focused on your WELL-ness when this word meant "no longer sick".

That same spirit is alive and well today- just under a slightly different name: INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

An Integrative medical practice is conducted by actual MD's (real licensed doctors with a medical degree) but also have advanced additional knowledge in the expanded global healing arts (eastern, holistic, acu, nutrition, IPT - you name it!).  These special docs are pioneers in their own right- combining all applicable and available healing methods to give the patient the best possible solution to battle the toughest health disorders.

"There is no shortage of sick people out there that any health practitioner should subscribe to creating patient dependency", states Dr. Jesse Stoff of Integrative Medicine of NY.  The integrative practitioner want you well and "stay well!"  The integrative practitioner is not driven by the D&S "drugs and surgery" paradigm or the insurance industry's box formula- but is dedicated to the worldly belief in healing the patient until they are truly WELL.

One of the sciences that came out of INTEGRATIVE healing is Immunotherapy - the applied science known as "the smartest and safest ways to battle any disease" by strengthening your body's immune system and let your body's defenses do its job.   They pursue the most basic tenets of logic and a sensible healing plan to attack the patient's health problems and any disease without making new problems (called side effects).  Dr. Stoff trademarked a clever breakdown for what triggers immune disfunction- what he calls "The PITTS"; Poor nutrition, Infection, Toxins, Trauma and Stress.

“The opposite of ‘integrate’ is ‘disintegrate’. We have seen far too much of this disintegration in our physical and mental health, in the health of society around us and in our ability to provide care for many of those who are chronically unwell – let alone in our climate and ecosystem services. So isn’t it time to ask for something better?” – HRH The Prince of Wales – 12 May 2009

Dr. Stoff's educational pursuits for the application of inter-disciplinary medicines (from the many Eastern and Western influences) led him to a fellowship beyond our domestic shores and into the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM), one of the seven hospitals making up the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  It stands today as one of the main inspirations for much of his holistic approach in the treatment of cancer patients and chronic disorders and are applied in his private practice (Integrative Medicine of NY).

The start of this 150+ year old hospital was under the name 'Royal London Homeopathic Hospital' or RLHH- and was closely interwoven with the life of Dr Frederick Foster Hervey Quin, who founded the original London Homoeopathic Hospital in 1849.

The British Royal Family have been major supporters of homeopathy, and the hospital ​has enjoyed royal patronage since the 1920's. Queen Elizabeth II has been Patron of the hospital since 1952. This support for the science of homeopathy has added to much of its continued growth and longevity.   The RLHH was the first to develop and pioneer many visionary programs such as complementary cancer care, acupuncture clinic and environmental medicine - and publicly introduced manual medicine and autogenic training as the first services of their kind. Throughout its infrastructural evolution, there maintains continued pride and influence among its directors and clinicians to integrate homeopathy and other forms of complementary and alternative medicine in their work. In September 2010 the hospital changed its name to the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.


The immune system is one of our basic and most important systems in our body. The immune system has to protect us from potential threats from outside our body, as well as from abnormalities and abnormal cells that are generated from within. It's able to accomplish this miraculous task through a combination of cells and through communication molecules called cytokines. Together, they work together to weave an impenetrable web, in most cases, to protect us from all sorts of severe and chronic diseases. But if we're exposed to things that damage the immune system, things like suffering from poor nutrition, various sorts of infection, toxins, various kinds of trauma, severe stresses, this can cause a weakening of our immune system, a rip in the fabric, and we lose our protection, winding up with some dread severe or chronic illness. (see complete article)

Improving the health of the immune system means your body will become more resistant to incoming diseases. Making your immune system stronger is not a linear program, because you are dealing with a complex network of factors in your body that needs to be addressed. However, there are certain measures you can take to boost the immune system. (see complete article)

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