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Most conventional and alternative medicine practitioners focus on giving you something to remove your problem. Unfortunately, if your pathways of elimination remain blocked and are not free flowing, receiving any treatment does not really solve the problem; it only travels it from a place where your body has neatly tucked it away to the general circulation. Now the problem gets greater. So if you take the time to open the pathways of elimination, get things open and free flowing, when you get around to removing the causative factor of illness, those toxins can now freely flow out of the body.

For about 38 years, my practice primarily treats cancer, autoimmune disease, and infectious disease- the more hard to treat kind of cases. My belief is that healing happens in a multi-phase system.  There's improving Digestion, Opening the "waste pathways" of the body (Neuroendocrine Function) such as the Kidney, Liver and Lymphatic Function), removing the Causative Factor Of Illness, Cellular Repair and Healthy Maintenance.  We like to prepare the body, then we go into detoxification, and then we build upon that.  

1) To start, I like to balance the digestive system because this is what feeds and nourishes your body and it's how your body gets energy and vitality. It's also how your body gets rid of waste so this is critically important. 

2) Next, we balance the neuroendocrine system by resetting the communication system of the body. All 32 trillion cells in the body communicate instantaneously at the speed of light, so we like to make sure that that pathway is open and communicating. Afterwards, we work on opening the pathways of elimination- which are emunctories. The old eclectic physicians used to call them the emunctories-- the liver, kidneys and the lymphatic system. We like to do those three phases first before we actually get into resolving the issue. 

In my opinion illness is really only caused by three factors; you're either MALNOURISHED, which means you don't digest proteins, fats, and carbs., and you don't absorb water. You may be STRESSED- and that can be a greatly physical strain on the body. It can be an emotional stress (from unresolved psycho-emotional issue to every illness that's chronic) or even a spiritual stress (if you believe in that, and I certainly do). The third factor is TOXICITY perhaps from a virus, a bacteria, a mycoplasm of fungus, a chemical, a pesticide, a heavy metal, whatever it might be. There's tons of toxins. So we want to establish what those toxins are and remove them permanently out of the body. 

Once we've identified the ailment, we then repair all the cells that have been damaged by getting you into a healthy maintenance program. We set the stage, we clean the system, and then we restore it to natural order.  

I truly believe that the body inherently wants to heal itself and it can do that. Sometimes it just needs a little push in the right direction. That's what I believe remedies do. Remedies don't cure or heal anything. What they do is they remove the blockages that stand in the way, that are preventing the body from healing itself.

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